Well Desitorrents.com has a different solution listed for you and it says something like this:

You just logged in and are having an issue with the DT skin?? You can’t see any of the forums??
Just empty tabs, what to do?? Here’s how you can resolve this problem.

1. If you use “Ad Muncher”, disable filtering for DT or add http://www.desitorrents.com to My Filters and apply ‘No filtering on URL’.

2. If you use “NoScript” add-on for Firefox, allow all scripts running on DT. We no longer have intrusive ads.

3. If you use “Adblock Plus” add-on for Firefox, disable it for DT.

If you do these things, site should be working fine for you …

Well here’s my solution with which you still keep AdBlock enabled on DT::

1. Go to DT home page.

2. Click on Adblock icon.

3. You will see at the bottom a frame appear which lists applied filter

4. First few lines in the red are applied filter on the site.

5. Right click on the line that says “ads” or “ad” on it.

6. Select Edit filter in effect

7. Check box will appear as “checked” in the preferences list of the AdBlock.

8. Uncheck on it and hit OK. At this point you should be able to see the tabs. If not try to refresh the page.


While you are here, here’s the code that will block Red popup at the lower-right corner:

1. Click on Adblock icon.

2. Select Preferences.

3. Click on Add Filter button at the lower-left corner.

4. Add this code (without quotes): “desitorrents.com##.angular_advertisement.angadver_bottom.angadver_right”

5. Hit Enter and press OK. And you are done!