Today I tried to make my move towards blogging.
Before I used to blog-post directly on the Then later I turned to blog-post using Windows Live Writer and attaching my blogspot account in its setting which allows me to post directly on the blogspot web-page giving me the flexibility of not leaving my desktop and writing anything that I want at my time.
I also tried to install forum using phpBB3’s software, and my site’s wiki using Mediawiki.
Today I installed WordPress and Drupal on web-server (my desktop-computer). I learned basic configuration of WordPress and found it quite interesting. I was wondering how people can create their own blog, and I found the answer. WordPress is probably world’s most used blogging software.
I also installed Drupal 6 and got amazed by its capabilities and features. It is basically the one stop solution for people wanting blog, wiki and forum on their site. Its actually one of the best open-source Content Management System (CMS) available. You can create a normal website with the pleasure of having all of the newest and coolest features like blog, wiki and forum.
I also learned about many CMS and other useful softwares/technologies available from the site: I visited and tried to explore its features.
I’ll probably during this week give it a try to Joomla and work on learning some more Drupal features.