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So you have googled whole lots of ways on finding how to install or accept a bad certificate on your iPad and keep doing your things for so and so reason. This problem arise when iPad / iPhone detects bad SSL certificate and it dont even prompt you to accept the certificate causing you tons of frustration for getting your work done and you could start hours/days of research on making it work.

You have seen many methods lik:

  • Extracting a bad certificate from your desktop and emailing to your iPad and install it.
  • Creating actual valid certificate and have it installed on the environment.
  • Tons of other methods found on google/stackoverflow.

You may not be able to do all of the above for reasons like it may take days to install or approval for budget or lack of access to servers or just can’t wait that long and need something quick.

Here’s the easy way that will work on almost any internal or external environment without you doing any of the above.

  • Go to unsecured page from where secured access begins. For example Shopping Cart page. Once you hit “Continue to Checkout” or “Checkout” your secured area begins.
  • On the Shopping Cart page, try to find some link that directs you to secured “https” page of the website that you are trying to accept bad certificate on.
  • OR simply make any of the URL “https” call and try to navigate to that page.
  • Now you should be able to get prompt for accepting bad certificate on your iOS device.
  • Once you accept it, you should be able to now browse through any portion of the web-site that is served on “https” access that uses bad certificate.

Please note that you are intentionally accepting bad SSL certificate so I am assuming you (mostly developer or technical folks) know what you are doing and this is not for normal shoppers/visitors.

HTML 5 New Tags

W3C HTML 5 Specification

HTML5’s new structural tags and examples:



HTML5’s new content tags and examples:



HTML5’s new application-focused tags:



HTML5’s DEPRECATED elements:

frame, frameset, noframes, basefont, big, canter, font, sm strike, tt, u, acronym, applet, isindex, dir


HTML5’s DEPRECATED attributes:

Element Attribute
html version
body background
all block level align
a, link rev, charset
img longdesc, name, hspace, vspace
table bgcolor, border, cell padding, cell spacing, valign
th abbr, bgcolor, height, width
td scope, bgcolor, height, width
tr bgcolor


HTML5’s Integrated APIs

Unfortunately WordPress is not allowing to add <style> tag to show demo so just use your senses

<div class="box">
    The box should be green in IE 5.5 and below, orange in IE 6 and red in IE 7. In every other browser it should be blue.
.box {
   background: #00f;
   *background: #f00; /*IE7 and below*/
   _background: #0f0; /*IE 6 and below*/
   _bac\kground: #f60; /* IE6 only */
   padding: 7px;
   color: #fff;


I have an input button which is an image. . I want to change the Image of that button depending on the scenario like On/Off mode. If user selects some check-boxes (selects item), button gets enabled/disabled.

For instance, below are On/Off buttons which I want to assign to same input button depending on the scenario.

Solution for that would be something like below:

Event.observe(window, 'load', function(){
        Event.observe(s,'click', function(event){
                if($$('input.bulkSelectItem:checked').length > 0){
                } else{

[bold: default]

<input type=”submit” disabled=”true” name=”cart” class=”floatLeft disabled” id=”cart_bulk” onclick=”return someFunction(this.form);” alt=”Add Selected Items To Cart” border=”0″ />

#cart_bulk{background:url(/images/wishlist/addAllOn.gif); text-indent:-999px;width:163px;height:23px;font-size:0; line-height:0;border:0 none;}


The following works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but IE 8 will not call the submit() method when the anchor link is clicked.

<a href=”void(0);” onclick=”submit();”>Sign In<\a>

This is also the case for IE7. The solution that I used is:

Prototype code observer on <a> tag:

Event.observe('idofAnchorTag','click', function(event){
return false;

I use disabled class to turn off the button used in anchor tag which will make it feel like On/Off button.

Windows: Run this command
“”C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -p -no-remote” and create new profile.

Create a new shortcut to Firefox and edit the target to “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -p “ProfileName”


For more detailed info go here:


Recently I was downloading a content and my AdBlock was off because of which I saw a related add on the download page which said “DOWNLOAD”, “PLAY ONLINE” and I clicked DOWNLOAD so it diverted me to a XVID page where it seemed like online player. A security popup showed up on top of the page where it said I’m missing a XVID Plugin. I knew I have XVID plugin installed already but when I hovered over button called “Install missing XVID Plugin” it changed color and the quality was grained. I knew this is not a button but just a JPG/PNG file that is changing color on hover.
To display how realistic it looked like, here’s the picture for you.Its buffering and half of the movie is already buffered and still Missing plug-in pop-up.

For you its a takeaway to be aware of such scams!

FrontEnd Optimization

Minimize HTTP Requests
Put Stylesheets at the Top
Put Scripts at the Bottom
Avoid CSS Expressions
Make JavaScript and CSS External
Minify JavaScript and CSS
Avoid Redirects
Remove Duplicate Scripts
Make Ajax Cacheable
Use GET for AJAX Requests
Post-load Components
Pre-load Components
Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
Minimize the Number of iframes
No 404s
Minimize DOM Access
Develop Smart Event Handlers
Choose over @import
Optimize Images
Optimize CSS Sprites
Don’t Scale Images in HTML
Keep Components under 25K
Pack Components into a Multipart Document
Avoid Empty Image src
Reduce DNS Lookups
Avoid Filters

Backend Optimization

Use a Content Delivery Network
Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
Gzip Components (Reduces size to 70%).
Configure ETags
Flush the Buffer Early
Split Components Across Domains
Reduce Cookie Size
Use Cookie-free Domains for Components
Make favicon.ico Small and Cacheable | | | | Yahoo Developer Network

window.onLoad=function(){alert(“Hello, Kumar!”);}; //JavaScript
jQuery(document).ready(function(){alert(“Hello, Kumar!”);}); //jQuery

Linux Tar gzip a folder

To tar and gzip a folder use this command: tar -cvzpf filename.tar.gz /path/to/folder

To ungzip the same file use this command:tar -xvzpf filename.tar.gz

Note: Gzipping using this matter will not affect your current folder and its content.